How Phil Uses PHL


Each of my Phil Heath Labs products serves a very different purpose. 

No matter if you are training for the next Olympia or for a healthy lifestyle, I designed each of my formulas to maximize each and every aspect of your workout.  

Here is how I incorporate my products into my training and daily life. 

Let’s start with Infernocore

This is a must for when I am trying to shred or lose weight. I strategically take a full dosage of 3 capsules of Infernocore 30 minutes prior to hitting the step mill and/or treadmill. This allows me ample time for my core to heat up.  

I recommend that you work your way up to a full dosage due to Infernocore’s potency. It’s best to start out at a one or two-pills because even though it’s a very clean burning fat burner (meaning no jitters or crashing) it’s very intense regarding your ability to sweat, so please work your way up.

Since Infernocore does such a great job of inducing so much sweat, it’s crucial that you provide your body with the proper nutrients to replenish what’s lost during training, this is where IntraGuard comes in.

IntraGuard is a constant in my training regimen

While in training and throughout the day, I use IntraGuard to maximize hydration, recovery and protein synthesis. I designed IntraGuard to ensure a constant flow of amino acids. In addition, IntraGuard also ensures all of the amino’s and other nutrients are properly absorbed thanks to its proprietary blend of premium ingredients such as VASO6, Sustamine and AstraGin.

When performing cardio, I make sure to have at least 1 liter of water to which I always throw in a scoop of IntraGuard.  

Dream Killer is the ultimate pre-workout!

It gives me the non-jittery energy I need to get to the gym, with the perfect amount of stamina to power through my workouts and achieve a 3D pump.

I take Dream Killer about an hour before getting ready to train. Depending on my mood, I alternate between Lion’s Blood (passion fruit) and Sour Grape flavors.

I always make sure to finish Dream Killer prior to my working sets and then switch to IntraGuard during and post-workout. 

I designed Dream Killer with cutting edge ingredients such as Teacrine, Alphasize, and classic caffeine to give me energy and keep my mind fresh and on point. The included VASO6 promotes healthy blood flow allowing for more oxygen to reach your muscles and create greater ATP production for better performance.

All of my products work great on their own, but for the ultimate in performance, hydration, recovery, and shred, take them together, just like I do.

These are the same products that I use every day!  Superior Quality Guaranteed!

I designed each of my formulas and have them manufactured in the USA with exclusive, premium ingredients. There are no banned substances, no fillers, and its non-habit forming; so you may use them with confidence for bodybuilding or any athletic event. They are also Keto friendly and manufactured in an FDA Registered and GMP Quality Facility.

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will help you resolve your concern or provide a full refund