• • Unstoppable Stamina
  • • Unparalleled Performance
  • • Increased Hydration
  • • Superior Recovery

I created IntraGuard to serve a double purpose as a replenishment complex to be usedduring and after a workout.

I take IntraGuard while training to ensure that I stay well hydrated and focused. I also drink it post-workout and throughout the day to help me recover quickly, stimulate muscle synthesis, reduce fatigue, and alleviate soreness.

This is the same formula I use every day, so you know it HAS to be great!

Here is how I recommend using it:

I mix one to two scoops of IntraGuard™ with 8+ Oz of water, shake vigorously, and sip during my workouts.

I also use IntraGuard™ immediately after my workout to assist with the post-workout recovery process.

I also use IntraGuard throughout the day to help me stay hydrated and focused. I find this to be an essential part of my process as training does not end when you are done in the gym. It’s super important that you are properly hydrated and your muscles recover with the supplements it needs.

Here’s what makes IntraGuard so unique:

I created IntraGuard’s unique formula by blending natural, high-quality ingredients such as electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, and potassium designed to boost hydration, stamina, and recovery. It works during and after your training sessions and also works to keep you hydrated just about anywhere you go.

IntraGuard™ IS NOT your run of the mill BCAA supplement.


This is widely regarded as the key branch chain amino acid (BCAA). It’s the activator that induces protein synthesis, so you know we had to include it.


This vital dipeptide of glutamine and alanine is the key component to keeping you hydrated and sustaining your energy levels throughout your workout.


It’s absolutely crucial that your body absorbs all of the essential aminos and other key ingredients packed into this formula, we didn’t put anything in this formula that’s not absolutely necessary. For this exact reason, it was a no brainer to include AstraGin® as it induces absorption of all of the other ingredients, ensuring you get the most out of Intraguard.


VASO6 is an all-natural patented ingredient. It increases nitric oxide production which allows for increased blood flow. Studies have shown it to increase vasodilation by up to 50%. VASO6 helps to release cyclic GMP production from the endothelial cells of the vascular system, causing veins to relax and expand which may result in bigger and fuller muscles. This ingredient also supports endurance and recovery.

Superior Quality Guaranted

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will help you resolve your concern or provide a full refund.

IntraGuard™ is manufactured in the USA with exclusive, premium-grade ingredients. There are no banned substances, no fillers, and its non-habit forming; so you can use it with confidence not just for bodybuilding, but for any athletic endeavor. It’s also Keto friendly and manufactured in an FDA Registered and GMP Quality Facility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Darcy Gorron

IntraGuard™ - Intra-Workout

P. Polow
I love Intraguard

I coach soccer and use this with all my players. Its incredible!! Keeps them hydrated and going.
I use it too. At 46 I don't recover as well as I used to and this keeps me fresh and going.

Kenneth Herrera

Great supplement and amazing customer service. You also get great pumps throughout the workout.

Tyler Leong
Gr8ness pre

Great pre - love the energy for lag and back days.

John Smith
Great Intra-workout

Great Intra-workout is what I needed and this one works. I get a great pump from it.


IntraGuard™ is not just for pro-bodybuilders or those who want to look like me. I designed IntraGuard for the Champion, the Champion in the Making, or anyone who wants to train harder, with more purpose and get better results.

BCAA Intra Workout for Energy, Pump & Recovery