The Ultimate In Pre-Workout,
IntraWorkout, Recovery and Shred

Try the Ultimate Stack

Whether you are training competitively or for personal fitness, my products provide you with the perfect combination of supplements to help you exceed your training goals.

I created Phil Heath Labs with one mission in mind, to provide you with the tools to hone yourdeepest strengths and activate your SuperYou. Each of my formulas works synergistically to provide you with the ultimate performance solution for per-workout, Intra workout, recovery, and shred.

These are the same products I take every day.

The Ultimate Stack Includes:

Dream Killer™ - The Ultimate Preworkout:

I wanted something that gets you in the zone with non-jittery energy and to fire you up right before you get to the gym. It’s hands down the best pre-workout on the market, guaranteed. The nootropic blend in the formula provides laser-sharp focus while simultaneously giving you a clean boost of energy.

IntraGuard™ - BCAA Intra Workout for Energy, Pump & Recovery:

I noticed there were products on the market that could help extend your workouts, but nothing quite lasted as long as I needed them to. Thus, Intragaurd was created. This is a dual-purpose replenishment complex. When taken, intra-workout ensures you get the most out of every session by providing you with the hydration and concentration you need to get you past the finish line. IntraGuard may also be taken post-workout to expedite and aid in the recovery process.

Infernocore - Champion Level Thermogenic Fat Burner:

When it's time to shred, it's time to shred. So I created the best fat burner out there to help you lose weight without sacrificing muscle. I made sure to utilize the latest superior thermogenicscience to help get you SHREDDED. Take it right before cardio. You will start noticing the effects immediately. The energy and metabolism blend in this formula creates the ultimate, focused wave for you to speed up your metabolism, and burn those calories away without sacrificing any muscle. You will feel the sweat and see those pounds melt away, quickly and safely.

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